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SALT CREEK Park District

The Salt Creek Rural Park District was formed in 1956 and operates under the Park District Code of Statutory Laws which directly governs the power, duties, and purposes relating to park districts in the State of Illinois.

Legal voters from the park district elect seven non-paid park commissioners. Commissioners serve 6 year terms and the Board of Commissioners elect a President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary. The Board hires a Director of Parks and Recreation to manage the day-to-day operations of the district.

The Director of Parks and Recreation hires professional administrative staff to oversee the operation of parks, recreation facilities and recreation programs.

The district provides recreation and leisure services to the residents that live within the corporate boundaries of the district. The corporate boundaries of the district include parts of the Village of Arlington Heights, Palatine and the City of Rolling Meadows.

The district also provides recreation and leisure services to many non-residents of the area on a fee basis.

It is the mission of the Salt Creek Rural Park District to provide for the community a quality park and recreation system that is committed to excellence in service and facilities, as well as being sensitive to individuals and economics.

Value System

  1. To be stewards of natural resources and the environment and secure land for future generations.
  2. Provide the opportunity for a high level of citizen participation through programs and services which are available to all and enhance their quality of life and community.
  3. Fully utilize community volunteers, agencies, governments, private sector enterprises, and individuals to jointly plan, develop, and deliver the desired programs and services to our citizens.
  4. Hire, develop, empower, support, and retain an enthusiastic and competent staff that is dedicated to serving citizen’s needs in a responsive, efficient, creative and flexible manner using reasonable, available resources.
  5. Commit the necessary resources to provide safe and secure parks, facilities, programs and services to our citizens through stable, prudent financial management and comprehensive long term planning. Concentrate capital resources on repairing and improving existing parks and facilities to meet the physical standards expected by our citizens. Maximize profits from all revenue facilities to lessen the general tax burden.
Salt Creek Park District

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