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Project will begin construction in August and will take approximately a year to complete.  Look here for further information as this new development for our Community unfolds.

Rose Park Building Concepts

In the coming weeks, machinery will be brought in for clearing the project site of all necessary trees and vegetation.  Landscaping and screening will be added around the parking lot and around the new building once completed. Beginning Monday, August 28, the site will be completely fenced off and mobilized.

August 22, 2023
Site preparation for the new Rose Park Community Center has begun.  Understandably, the tree removal phase of the project can be alarming.  Rest assured; the site will not look this way forever.  As the site develops with construction of the new community center, so will the landscape. As the plans for the building have evolved, so has the landscape plan.

As the site and project continue to evolve, all aspects are continually being evaluated for adjustment and improvement.  Although there is a landscape plan in place, it too will be evaluated throughout construction to determine if and where additional planting material may be needed.  Our staff along with our construction and design team make these continual evaluations to ensure we are providing the best possible facility.

Tree Removal
One adjustment to the site preparation / tree removal schedule was the unfortunate decision that had to be made to remove the large oak tree in the parkway.  During the initial planning phase of the site, the large oak tree in the parkway was going to be a focal point of the main entrance to the building.  After careful evaluation of the area by a certified arborist, it was determined that the oak tree would only have about a 50% chance of survival post construction.  Several preventative plant healthcare options were considered that included fertilizations, growth regulator applications, pruning, root pruning, and protection of the root zone at the drip line of the tree.  Weighing the plant healthcare costs with the low probability of the tree to survive, it was determined that the best course of action would be removal of the tree.  With the loss of the oak tree, we do have more oak trees in the plans for replacement.

September has been a busy month at Rose Park and steady progress is being made.  The focus has been site preparation, grading, and excavation work.  After the site was cleared, the parking lot and building area were graded to remove an abundance of topsoil.  Topsoil was removed down to an acceptable subgrade allowing contractors to begin building the pad for the facility and parking lot.  The pad for the new building has been formed and passed all compaction tests.  All the foundations have been excavated.  In the next couple of weeks, we expect to see the framework for the foundations created and rebar installed.  In conjunction, plumbing and electrical under-slab work for the building will begin.  We also anticipate the stone base for the parking lot and electrical rough in work to begin.

Work on the new building had slowed down a bit due to several days of rain throughout the month.  Concrete work is taking place on the foundations and interior footings.  We expect that under slab work (plumbing and electrical) will take place in the next couple of weeks.  Concurrently, volume control excavation under the parking lot will begin.  As we turn the calendar to November, the building slab will be poured, site utility work will start along with preparations for the city water hook up.  More updates to come in November!

Landscape Architect Plans

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