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**All patrons are highly recommended to wear masks indoors**

On July 29, 2021, Cook County entered into the substantial spread category of COVID-19 and its variants.  Based on recommendations from the CDC and IDPH, we highly recommend that all patrons, regardless of vaccination status, wear a mask in all public indoor settings until further notice. Please remember that some facilities serve high-risk groups including seniors and school-age children who are not vaccinated.  Beginning August 2, all children 12 years and under and their instructors are required to wear face masks at all times while indoors.  Additionally, all individuals, regardless of vaccine status, in our school-related programs, must wear masks at all times. Thank you for your cooperation.

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Thor Guard Lightning Prediction System

To protect our patrons and staff from the potential danger of lightning strikes, the Salt Creek Rural Park District uses Thor Guard, a lightning prediction system, at both Rose Park and at Twin Lakes Recreation Area. The system was introduced in 1997, one year after a 20 year old soccer referee was struck by lightning and killed in a Park Ridge Park District.

The Salt Creek Park District highly encourages all residents to adhere to the warnings provided by the system. Here’s how it works:

When the system detects the probability of a lightning hazard in our immediate area, a LIGHTNING ALARM SIGNAL (one 15 second horn blast) will sound at our properties. This signal may or may not be repeated depending on the continuing conditions. Once the hazard has subsided, an ALL CLEAR SIGNAL (3 separate horn blasts, each 4 seconds long) will sound at our properties.

The Thor Guard System has proven to be extremely reliable and has been installed in many park districts, golf courses and schools nationwide. Please heed the warnings! If you hear the Lightning Alarm Signal, please take shelter indoors or in your vehicle until you hear the All Clear Signal of 3 simultaneous horn blasts.

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