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Cook County Department of Public Health Order 2021-11

In accordance with the Cook County Department of Public Health Order 2021-11, the Salt Creek Park District will require proof of vaccination to enter our facilities effective Monday, January 3, 2022. This order states all recreation centers in Cook County must require any individual 18 years of age and older to show proof that they are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 with an approved vaccine in order to participate in fitness or athletic programs. In addition, facilities must require patrons ages 18 and older to show identification (including but not limited to: driver’s license, passport, government ID, work or school ID) with information that corresponds to the vaccination proof.

Additionally, any indoor facility rental where food and/or beverage is served also requires all attendees to be vaccinated. All participants must continue to wear a mask covering their nose and mouth at all times while inside Salt Creek Park District facilities and practice social distancing whenever possible. Proof of vaccination for COVID-19 and photo ID will be checked upon entering for all fitness & athletic participants. Thank you for your cooperation!

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Park Policies


As of June, 2010, no outside grills are allowed to be brought in at the Twin Lakes Recreation Area. To rent an outdoor pavilion or outdoor tent, please contact 847-934-6050 x 202. Thank you for your cooperation.


Each year your park district suffers several thousand dollars in damage as a result of vandalism. As you probably realize, these costs are borne by you, the taxpayer. Although the park district works closely with the police departments of Palatine and Rolling Meadows, we can only prevent these acts if the perpetrator(s) are caught in the act or are identified by an eyewitness. Should you witness any such acts, please call 911 immediately or our park office at 847-259-6890 with any information that would lead to the apprehension of vandals. Help us make your tax dollars work to your advantage.


A reminder to all parents that when you and your children use the Salt Creek Rural Park District playground areas, these areas are unsupervised. Signs are posted at each of the park locations. We hope that you and your children enjoy your play experience using the Salt Creek Rural Park District’s parks. No dogs allowed in or around the playground.


The Salt Creek Park District enforces the following rules in regards to dogs in the parks:

  • Dogs must be on a leash no longer than 6′ and under control.
  • Owners are responsible for removal and sanitary disposal of any excrement deposited by his/her animal on park property.
  • Due to Public Health Rules, dogs are not allowed on patio area around the Twin Lakes Recreation Area clubhouse, nor on the deck.
  • During special park events, dogs will not be allowed in the areas where food is served or consumed.
  • No dogs allowed in the water.
  • No dogs allowed in or around the playground.


  • Rollerblades/skateboards/scooters are allowed on paved areas only.
  • No rollerblades/skateboards/scooters are allowed on park district tennis courts and the wooden deck at Twin Lakes.
  • No rollerblades/skateboards/scooters are allowed in the nature area.


Alcohol is not allowed to be brought into any park at any time.


The Salt Creek Park District recognizes the popularity of unmanned aircrafts or drones and the need for large open spaces for the operation of these devices. However; the park district has to be cognizant of the safety and privacy concerns of our residents. In that respect, we do not allow drones. We ask that you please call our Rose Park Administrative Offices at 847-259-6890 for more information regarding our drones policy within our parks.

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