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Golf Policies & Rules


Golf reservations may be made one week in advance.  Cancellations must be made 24 hours in advance of your tee time.


Walk-on’s will receive the first tee time(s) available to accommodate the number of golfers in the group.

  • Golfers should check-in no less than fifteen (15) minutes before their tee time or risk losing their tee time.
  • The Twin Lakes staff reserves the right to pair golfers together.  (To achieve maximum use of the golf course, foursomes will be required when play is heavy.)


Twin Lakes golf policy encourages youth and adult participation.  Golfers 11 years of age and under may play at any open tee time when accompanied by an adult. 


The Twin Lakes Golf Course will require all players to wear soft spiked shoes or cleat-less shoes to help improve the quality of our greens.


No rain checks will be issued after the 3rd tee or during Twilight hours.


  1. Each person on the course must have a paid receipt.
  2. No walkers (or caddies) allowed on the course.
  3. Each person must have their own set of clubs. Club sharing is not allowed.
  4. Children ages 11 and under, must play with an adult.
  5. Slower players, or players looking for lost balls, must allow those following to play through.
  6. Shirt and appropriate shoes must be worn on the course.  This is a spikeless facility.
  7. Players must use a tee for all tee shots.
  8. Foursomes will be required when play is heavy.
  9. No rain checks after the 3rd hole or during Twilight hours.
  10. Players must seek shelter when the Thorguard lightning safety horn is sounded.  Round may be resumed after all clear signal is given.
  11. Golfers are liable for damages to surrounding property, or injury to other golfers.
  12. On the 1st and 2nd tee, after 2 balls in water, players must play ball from drop area.
  13. Players are not permitted to play more than one golf ball during round.
  14. No outside alcohol may be brought into park.
  15. Please keep pull carts off the greens and aprons.
  16. Keep gas carts off greens and out of tee boxes.
  17. The park district reserves the right to close the course for any general safety concerns to the patrons of Twin Lakes.
  18. The park district may establish other rules and procedures deemed necessary for the operation of the facility.
  19. USGA rules govern all play.
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